Eco-friendly products
eco friendly products list for your bathroom

Eco-friendly products list for your bathroom

The bathroom is the place in our home where we spend the most time taking care of ourselves. But when we’re doing this do we also think about taking care of our planet? Probably not. Let’s start doing that because we can definitely help the environment by using at least two or three items from the eco-friendly products list that we’ll present in this article.

If you are new to this green lifestyle we suggest you take a tour of your bathroom. We bet that you will find there lots of plastic recipients that you use while showering, brushing your teeth, etc. Now if you think about the threat that plastic is to the planet, you want to reduce the amount of it from your bathroom. Lucky for you, there are some very good alternatives that you can start using, so let’s take a look at them.

The best eco-friendly products list for your bathroom:

1. Bamboo toothbrushes

In terms of use, bamboo toothbrushes are the same as the normal toothbrushes. But the big advantage of these is that they are made from a material that is biodegradable. Bamboo is a plant that can grow really fast, even 1 meter a day. It doesn’t need much care and it can be found especially in the wild areas, so also it doesn’t need any fertilizer to grow that fast.

It’s interesting that bamboo toothbrushes are used since the 15th century. That means that this is not a new concept of toothbrushes and our ancestors used them for many years. Now it’s time to make them popular again for a good cause. The cost of a bamboo toothbrush is not more than a few dollars. Like the usual toothbrushes, it’s recommended to change it after about three or four months, so it’s not a bad investment at all to switch to this eco-friendly option.

2. Zero waste toothpaste

Another great option for our dental health is zero-waste toothpaste. Americans buy over 14 million gallons of toothpaste in a year, but just a few of the tubes that are used are recycled. The good news is that there are some good options to reduce waste as much as possible. Now it can be found toothpaste that is packaged in metal or plastic jars, so it can be recycled very easily.

Also, on the market, there are different types of natural and organic toothpaste that don’t contain doubtful ingredients. Another idea is to make it by yourself. There are tons of recipes on the internet and mainly you will have to use ingredients like coconut oil, baking soda, and different types of essential oils. If you want to try some of the recipes, make sure you will store the toothpaste in a recyclable jar.

3. Soap bars

Instead of using liquid soap, it’s better to switch to soap bars. Liquid soaps recipients are also made out of plastic and we buy them almost every month. Soap bars are better for the environment because they are wrapped in cardboard boxes, that are eco-friendly. Not to mention that the liquid soap is made of chemical compounds, while the solid option is a more natural one.

On the internet, you can already found soap bars that are 100% organic. By buying them you can drastically reduce the plastic waste, as they are packed in recyclable boxes. You will also be sure that you will wash your hands with a product that contains natural ingredients. Even if they seem to be old school, soap bars are a great option and in the last years, they seem to be popular again.

4. Eco-friendly deodorants

Lately, the number of eco-friendly deodorants produced all around the world began to grow. In the natural version of deodorants, you won’t find toxins such as aluminum chlorohydrate or zirconium. The composition consists of natural oils, like coconut oil, cornstarch, essential oils or wax. These products can be found in zero waste recipients, that it can be recycled in many possible ways.

Even if they are not considered antiperspirants, natural deodorants are very effective. They are made of different formulas, so we suggest you try at least two or three types until you’ll find the one that suits you the most. The price of them is similar to the normal ones and the internet is full of them, that’s why you have lots of options to choose from.

5. Eco-friendly shampoos

Eco-friendly shampoos are also a very good “green” idea for your bathroom. Those shampoos contain natural ingredients, such as plant and fruit extracts, natural oils, and natural minerals. They can be stored in glass bottles or aluminum ones, but the shampoo bars are always another great option.

Due to the amount of plant and fruit extracts that are used in making the natural shampoos, you can only imagine how nice they are smelling. You won’t feel a big difference between the usual and the natural ones, only the fact that by switching to natural ones, you will definitely help our environment.

6. Natural body washes

Just like the eco-friendly shampoos, the natural body washes have only natural ingredients. You can find them in liquid form or in a solid one. There are a lot of great options out of the internet, and usually, they are very affordable. In general, these body washes will cost between 10 and 20 dollars.

Of course, if you are not very pretentious and you want to be more economical, you can buy two in one: body wash and shampoo. These products are very popular, especially between men. Not only that they are zero waste and all-natural, but also by using them, you can reduce your budget for these products, so you will save some money.

7. Natural sponge baths

Next on our eco-friendly products list for the bathroom is the natural sponge bath. The usual sponge baths are bad for the environment as they are made of plastic. Luckily for us, there are different types of sponges that are eco-friendly.

Wool sponges are maybe the most popular natural option. They are harvested from the oceans and seas and the texture of them is very soft, which is perfect for your skin. Another good option is natural bamboo pouf, that also has a great texture. Bamboo is biodegradable and by using these poufs, you will probably quickly forget about the plastic sponge baths that you used before.

8. Eco-friendly ear sticks

The usual plastic ear sticks can be also switched. In the eco-friendly version of them, we meet the bamboo again. Bamboo replaces the plastic sticks, so it can be 100% biodegradable. If you take a look at the market, the bamboo ear sticks are very affordable, and with about 6 or 7 dollars you can buy 600 of them.

The eco-friendly brands that are selling these bamboo sticks are making sure that the package is organic too. By buying these sticks you will go zero waste and you will forget about the plastic ones. We suggest you invest some dollars in these items because they will last you for several months.

9. Organic makeup

If you’re a woman, you should know that there are a lot of good alternatives out there for the common makeup products. The list of organic and zero waste makeup stuff is very expanded, so you can start to think about making a change in your bathroom closet. There are many brands in the world that are selling all-natural makeup that is non-toxic and ethical free.

The list of these organic makeup products can start with organic lipsticks, creams, powders, mascaras, and many more. Just take a quick search on the internet for your favorite makeup products and you will find there a lot of eco-friendly alternatives. Now that you have these options for your makeup closet, take a step further and switch to them.

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