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6 benefits of reusable bags

We’ve already talked on this website about reusable bags in the first article about zero-waste. Now it’s time to write about reusable bags benefits. These bags are beginning to be popular in many countries, which is definitely a great thing. Probably you read this article because you’re not too sure about giving up on the traditional plastic bags. Now that you’re here, we think we will make your choice much easier with our shortlist of benefits.

So why use reusable bags? By dropping the plastic ones it will make a difference? Of course, it will! Not only that will help the environment, but it will also be beneficial for your wallet and even for your peace of mind. We’re saying that because many people are feeling guilty about using so much plastic when they buy groceries that come into plastic bags. So if you’re one of them, now it’s time to be guilt-free, because you will know why reusable bags are the better alternative for them.

6 reusable bags benefits

1. Reduce pollution

This is probably the most beneficial aspect of the reusable bags. A big part of the common plastic bags is never going to be recycled. It could take up to hundreds of years for them to decompose and eventually would end up in the soil and water. The sad part is that those bags are produced to be singly used, that’s why every year are produced over 100 billion of them only in the US.

By switching to reusable bags you can reduce pollution completely. There are many brands that produce 100% biodegradable reusable bags that are harmless to the environment. Not only that you can use them over and over again, but when it will be the time to throw them away, you won’t be worried at all about polluting.

2. It will save you some good money

While the plastic ones are thrown away even after a single-use, some of the reusable bags will last for years. A plastic bag costs about 10 cents and you will probably use it once. Instead, the reusable bags can be used thousands of times and the good ones usually cost between 10 to 20 dollars.

Let’s just say that you will use your eco-friendly bag for 1000 times. That will cost you up to 20 dollars. Instead, 1000 plastic grocery bags will cost about 100 dollars. That’s a pretty big difference, right? Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet, but you can save dozens of dollars per year by switching to the ecological bags.

3. Animal protection

Sadly, animals are the ones who suffer the most from plastic pollution. It’s estimated that over 100 million marine creatures die because of plastic every year. The sea birds are also very affected by it and over 1 million of them die because of that in a year. It’s also true that an animal that dies from eating plastic will decompose much faster than the plastic itself.

A study conducted this decade in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean found that 73% of deepwater fish had ingested plastic. By looking at this study we must understand how harmful is the plastic for the animals, especially the marine ones. Sadly, over 6 million tonnes of plastic is thrown away in the oceans every year. Therefore, the life of marine creatures is constantly threatened, and many of them will suffer more or less.

4. Can be used in different ways

A sustainable reusable bag can be used in different ways, not only for groceries. You can carry your lunch in there and some other useful stuff. When you want to go out you can even replace your backpack or purse with a reusable bag. It’s really practical and easy to carry, so you can repurpose it.

Also, the good quality reusable bags can hold heavier stuff, such as books or different things that you want to carry to work. You can also use them for storage and the main advantage is that they don’t take up as much space as the usual storage boxes. Basically, if you’re a creative person you can find many purposes of reusable bags, in addition to using them for shopping.

5. Sustainable and durable

Like we said before, these bags can be used even for years. Unlike plastic bags, the reusable bags are very durable and do not break after just a few uses. Even if they break a little, they can be repaired very quickly. All you need is a needle, thread, and a few minutes of your spare time and after that you will be good to go.

If it stains a little, there’s no need to throw the bag away. The ones that are made of good materials are washable and you can quickly put them in the washing machine. The life span of a reusable bag is much longer than the one of a plastic bag, so that will give you more durability and sustainability.

6. Save resources

Yes, by giving up the plastic bags you can save some of the earth’s resources. It is true that it’s required over 12 million barrels of oil for producing the annual US plastic bags consumption. That number is huge and the consequences of burning that amount of oil are not that good for the environment.

Gas and coal are also used in the making process of plastic bags. These are non-renewable resources and they are more important in other areas, such as electricity or heating. That’s a very important benefit of reusable bags, as those resources will not last long and have to be used in a more efficient way.

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      I like that you talked about how you could reduce pollution completely by switching to reusable bags. The shops in our area usually uses paper bags and it has been quite inconvenient to use. With that in mind, we should probably get some Baggu reusable bags.

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