6 benefits of reusable bags

We’ve already talked on this website about reusable bags in the first article about zero-waste. Now it’s time to write about reusable bags benefits. These bags are beginning to be popular in many countries, which is definitely a great thing. Probably you read this article because you’re not too sure about giving up on the traditional plastic bags. Now that […]

Best ideas for reducing waste in the kitchen

If you’re new into the eco-friendly lifestyle idea then reducing waste at home is one of the first things you should think about. Although we don’t do it intentionally, we often waste things in homes that can be reused or recycled. Wasting it’s not good at all for the environment because a lot of stuff that we’re throwing away can […]

10 tips on conserving water at home

One of the greatest ways of conserving our planet resources is by doing it with water. Water has many purposes in our lives so we use it for drinking, bathing, washing, gardening activities, etc. There are many easy ways of conserving water at home and it doesn’t need so much sacrifice from ourselves. In this article, we set out to […]